Vendor Rules

Follow the rules and we wont have a problem. Break the rules and you are gone

Categories Channel Selection:

You are to select the most appropriate Channel for your event and only 1 Channel . Do not select all, as your event will be deleted,

No Duplicate events

One issue we are trying to combat is dilution of the category- thats when the categories are diluted with non relevant events, This is a terrible experience for the customer so only post in your category

for example: You are a Comedy magician- that means you advertise in the magician section Only, not the magic section and the comedy section. But "I'm funny you say". No buts sorry- one channel only.

If you are using our built in ticketing system and you are not on the instant payment system. Payments are made on Tuesday Sydney Australia time

Deceptive marketing
You will not engage in any deceptive or misleading advertising on this site. period. If you need to lie- you shouldn't be in business