Why become a Vendor for free:

  • A world first Timezone switcher for your events- Audiences anywhere in the world can easily see when your event is happening in their own timezone
  • Free to advertise all your upcoming shows,workshops whatever streaming show you have*
  • We have a growing customer base of loyal subscribers
  • Customers can subscribe to our events which means as soon as you add one- it gets sent to our subscribers
  • You can link your event to any registration 3rd party ticketing solution, or website
  • You'll get your own Streamer section for Fans- they can view all of your events easily

* No X rated streams

Optional Benefits you can take advantage of:

These are optional extras, you don't have to use them if you don't want to

  • For free events you can use our built in RSVP registration system right on the event
  • For ticketing Events you can use our built in ticketing system- so you can sell tickets and get the money

In each event in your event manager you can view those who have RSVP'd or bought a ticket

Future Benefits:

  • Embeded Virtual events on the eventpage: this is a big one- This will allow you to embed a zoom show or youtube live show- right on the event, unlocked by buying a ticket or RSVP'ing- this means no more sharing links or passwords
"Lets make the process of registration and promoting your stream as EZY as possible"
C.S. Lewis

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Frequently Asked Questions

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