march, 2021

mon01marAll Daywed31Event OverHell Race Win an Alpha T REX Level 300Current score to beat by Ozkis05 1 Hour 30 Minutes and 46 seconds Beat it to Win the Alpha rex(All Day)(GMT+11:00) View in my time Stream Host: Captain Australia Channel:Mozehauser


march 1 (Monday) - 31 (Wednesday)(GMT+11:00) View in my time

Event Details

The Hell Race is now available register your interest  up to 4 people at a time

The first leg is on Foot riding a wolf

the second is the dreaded Water Maze on a troppo & on foot (yeah you read that right)
the third is long distance on an angler

and the final race is on a troppo with limited gasoline so you’ll have to use the gasoline strategically

You will be provided with

  1. the Dinos needed
  2. Scuba gear
  3. a tiny amount of element
  4. tek shoes
  5.  tek helmet
  6. a small amount of gasoline

As you will be racing though the map- bring a weapon to kill stuff along the way. Also bring food

You cannot bring

  1.  Tek Chestpiece
  2. extra gasoline
  3. Your own dinos
  4. extra element

Winners will then compete (on a different day) in a harder Pro version of the race

watch the trailer

STARTING POSITION: THE CASTLE At Viking Bay where we will teleport you to the starting position


Winners of races will receive 15K bbs x the number of people in the race (so if 4 people are in the race thats 60K BBS)
and their choice of

  • Breeding pair of Tek rexs or
  • High level mantis and a high level blood stalker or
  • Max level Mosa breeding pair or 
  • Max level reaper or 
  • Max level Basilisk

    winners will go on to the finals where the top prize is a Level 300 Alpha Rex and 200K BBS


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Stream Host

Captain Australia