february, 2021

febEvent OverAll 3 Alpha Boss Fights Island 2Australia Time (Ish)Month Long Event (february)(GMT+11:00) View in my timeChannel:Mozehauser


Month Long Event (february)(GMT+11:00) View in my time

Event Details

This is the second Event (of 2) of the Alpha Boss fights on island- All 3 of them back to back (with time to heal in between)

We will be doing these events twice- one for American timezones and one for Asia Pacific Timezones


At this point in time we are looking for players with no date as yet for a time that Asia Pacific



  1. You can bring your own DINO BUT it cannot be a bought dino- it has to be bred from wild no 300% imprints
  2. If you don’t have a dino you can ride one of our level 702 Battle tek rexs (300k health 17K dam asc saddle)
  3. Captain Australia (The host) will keep the element and heads (because he put the work in to get the tributes and artifacts twice)
  4. Please have mics on if possible
  5. You have to be level 100


  1. Bring food and water
  2. Health brews optional
  3. If you bring your own dino – bring a healing hog to heal up in between fights (keep it out of the fight) or an owl
  4. Stay on your dino

Captain Australia will be riding a Yuti to buff his dinos, the rest will be tek rexs (other than your dinos)


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