Eventbrite vs Ezy Stream Live

Looking for an alternative to Event Brite? In this article you can compare the core features for your Virtual Events


  • Built for Virtual Events
  • Organised Calendar of Events
  • Event dates in Order of Date
  • Timezone Switcher
  • feature 1
  • feature 2
  • Market to any timezone
  • link to 3rd party payment systems
  • Professional Look
  • Aussie Based Support

Ezy Stream Live

  • From Sydney

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The Problem of course is Event Brite was for physical events and essentially wacked on, Online Events without changing anything else.
They have not taken into account the global audience for events so therefore they don’t have timezone switching, their events don’t always appear in order, so you’ll get the 31st October appearing before the 18th October. and their event pages just look dreadful